‘Superintelligence’ Review- Not So Smart

Superintelligence‘ is directed by Ben Falcone who also co-produced it with his wife and the film’s star Melissa McCarthy. It was made by New Line Cinema and released on HBO Max.

Seattle native Carol Peters (Melissa McCarthy) is a former corporate executive who wants to get into humanitarian work, but one day, she is visited by a super AI (James Corden) that wants to observe her behavior to decide humanity’s fate, whether he helps them or ushers in doomsday. She goes to her friend Dennis (Brian Tyree Henry), a computer-programmer who contacts the government and crafts a plan to stop the AI with permission from the president (Jean Smart). Carol asks what would convince him to save the world and he decides to help her rekindle her relationship with her ex-boyfriend George (Bobby Cannavale) so he can observe normal human behavior. Meanwhile, the government is implementing a plan to stop the AI before it brings about the end of the world.

I will admit, it was nice to watch a comedy where every other word is not a four-letter adjective or is filled with smut. I always find that comedies that rely solely on swearing or sex jokes lack originality, imagination, or cleverness. Kudos to screenwriter Steve Mallory for relying on making it more situational and allowing Melissa McCarthy to do her one-liners.

However, outside of Melissa McCarthy’s clever deliveries, the movie is lacking in the humor department. Everything is played safe, hitting a bunch of checklists for these standard comedies. We have a female president, an AI voiced by an overrated late-night host, a crime-ridden city made to look like Xanadu, a blockhead boyfriend, federal agents getting beaten up like they have never taken survival training, etc. There were some funny moments here and there, but there was no “wow” factor with the humor.

It also bugs me with most of these AI films, including comedies, go with the assumption is that the supercomputer would do a better job at running humanity or even had the right to wipe it out because of its “calculations.” This genuinely bugs me and I find myself rolling my eyes when the movie seems to take that position. This one is no different in that regard.

Bottom line, Superintelligence does allow Melissa McCarthy room to do what she does best, but it ultimately fails to be anything original and plays it safe with the writing. This made it a bit bland in-between some jokes.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Sexual innuendo, Violence, Rude humor

FAVORITE QUOTE: My intention is to solidify my theory about humanity. If things don’t go well, I’ll destroy the planet. Just blow it up.

Check out the trailer below:

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