Top 10 Dog Names That Need To Vanish After 2020

Wolfgang Horvath/Pixabay

Dogs are man’s best friend. Their furry and paws, not to mention their unyielding devotion to their owners make them so much fun and endearing. So, why do we come up with such bad names for them? It just kind of happens. Sometimes, you can even guess their name based on their collars. It’s become cliche. Here are the Top 10 Dog Names That Need To Vanish After 2020:

10. Spot


Okay, seriously? That name has been used for over a hundred years. Come up with something original.

09. Fluffy


Yes, dogs are fluffy. They know it. We know it. Unless you get an unusual breed, dogs will have fur.

08. Sport


Again, back to the originality problem. While this is not a horrible name per se, it is just used too often.

07. Zip


Comparing a dog to a dash? They are not the speed of sound, they are dogs.

06. Billy Bob


Billy Bob Thornton may be a good actor, but don’t name your dog after him.

05. Tank


Unless you have a Saint Bernard, then this name does not really apply.

04. Fiffy


Are you a basic dude or dudette who likes a little bit of coffee in their creamer?

03. Nala


Too many people watched The Lion King when they were kids. While it is my favorite Disney animated feature, find a new movie to watch.

02. Bentley


An animal is not a car. I mean, c’mon.

01. Killer


All I can do is laugh when I hear someone named their dog, essentially, a synonym for well, a dog.

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