Real Star Wars Rise Up To Defend Gina Carano From Social Media Hate Mob

The so-called woke like to talk a good game, claiming to be “diverse” and “inclusive” when it comes to women. However, when one dares to think for herself, they grab their pitchforks faster than you can say, “cuddle group.”

The Mandalorian‘ actress and former MMA fighter Gina Carano dared to do the unthinkable. She expressed an opinion. According to WeGotThisCovered, an angry mob of social justice whiners, better known as SJWs, combed through her liked tweets and posts finding anything that could stir them up. Claiming to be Star Wars fans, they raged at her for liking a few tweets calling for fairness in the 2020 presidential election, commenting on the election process, for joining the social media site Parler, and for refusing to bow to that mob. Many have said they wanted her fired for expressing a few contrary opinions and got a hashtag trending.

Fortunately, Star Wars fan and fans of free thought in general, rose up to defend Carano with their own hashtag #StandWithGina.

My pal and fellow film commentator Christian Toto made a good point, wondering if her castmates would defend her or leave her out to dry.

These social justice whiners embarrass themselves, claiming to stand up for the lesser when they are, in fact, the oppressor. Fortunately, folks are starting to realize the hypocrisy and are standing up to their hyperbole and nonsense.

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