Top 10 Spidey Costumes For Spider-Man PS5

You might be thinking that PS4’s “Spider-Man” already has forty-two costumes, with a few more ready for the remastered version. Does it really need any more for its follow-up? I would argue it does. Several costumes were strangely absent from the main game and the subsequent DLCs. In no particular order, here my Top 10 Spidey Costumes For Spider-Man PS5:

10. Spider-Boy

Amalgam Wiki

Though this one is a longshot, it is from the Amalgam Universe, where the heroes of DC and Marvel are combined. Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is merged with Connor Kent’s Superboy to form a new hero.

09. 70’s TV Show

Marvel Database

Played by actor Nicholas Hammond on the short-lived TV series, this Spider-Man had silver gauntlets and you could see his eyes through the lenses. Later, he could get a utility belt.

08. Cosmic Spidey

Marvel Database

When he had to fight a powerful Sentinel created by Loki, Spider-Man was endued by the powers of Captain Cosmic, which made him more than a match for the magically created being.

07. Year 2211

Marvel Database

Way deep into the future, Max Borne took on the identity of Spider-Man.

06. The Punisher


In an alternate universe, Frank Castle was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, making for a far less Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The villains did not like that “What If” scenario.

05. Red and Black

Deviant Art

Alex Ross did a redesign of the red and black costume that had a large spider emblem and a sleek color mix.

04. Unlimited

Marvel Database

From the animated series on Fox Kids, this Spidey was trapped in an alternate dimension where the High Evolutionary ruled. The hero was voiced by Rino Romano.

03. Superior

Marvel Database

Similar to the black and red, this one was far more menacing since it was controlled by Dr. Otto Octavius aka Dr. Octopus who took over Peter Parker’s body and became a “superior” web-slinger.

02. Spider-Ben

Marvel Database

Peter Parker’s clone Ben Reilly took over the role of Spider-Man for a time when Mary Jane Watson told Pete he would be a father. His career as Spider-Man was short, but he was remembered by the fans.

01. Symbiote

Marvel Database

I mean, Venom is rumored to be the villain. Why not bring his costume into the choices?

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This is an updated version of a previous list.


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