‘SHI: Return of the Warrior’ Graphic Novel Review

Comic book writer and artist Billy Tucci revives one of his greatest characters in SHI: Return of the Warrior with a successful crowdfunding campaign. It definitely brings back that good ol’ fashioned plot of good versus evil.

Retired from heroics, Ana Ishikawa is now a single mother taking care of her daughter and grandfather while working at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. However, after a dear friend is murdered during the Cherry Blossom Festival, she is informed by police psychiatrist Dr. Belvins that her old nemesis Arashi has escaped from prison and he is the prime suspect in the murder. After meeting with her ex-husband in prison to discover his hiding place, she prepares for another fight.

Billy Tucci illustrates along with Gardenio Lima and Ricardo Silva. They definitely raised the level to eleven. The character illustrations are all done in a pristine fashion. Shi was the most impressive, obviously being the protagonist. I also liked how the action was drawn. It was smooth, but also explosive, jumping off the page.

As for the story, I will admit that I was not familiar with the original Shi: Way of the Warrior run. That being said, the story truly delivers. You do not feel lost and catch up pretty quickly thanks to an introduction. It kept me hooked from beginning to end and I cannot wait to see what is next.

In full disclosure, I did support the crowdfunding campaign, proudly. The cover shown above is the one Tucci and Wes Hartman was my favorite, though you cannot go wrong with any of them.

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