#AmReading – Dragon Tears By CS Johnson

My friend and colleague CS Johnson brings us ‘Dragon Tears,’ a companion novella to ‘The Alliance of the Dragon Sword’ fantasy series. It is a tale of lost love, defiance, and destiny.

From the Amazon summary:

Even a Ghost can dream …

As a Ghost Child and Handmaiden to Ceru, the Great Sea Serpent and Guardian of the Laenite Tribe, all seventeen-year-old Thessa wants is a family of her own. When Ceru tells her she will marry an outsider and bear a child of prophecy, Thessa is more than excited-especially when the boy she loves, Garrison Rico, the son of the Arian Kingdom’s ambassador, agrees to marry her.

But the day of their engagement ceremony, Garrison withdraws his offer and takes his leave of Laena, and Thessa is left alone, humiliated and rejected by her community. Unable to reconcile Garrison’s departure, Thessa questions her fidelity to Ceru for the first time and sets out to defy him in revenge.

Though short, this story is sweet. CS Johnson crafts this tale with her usual talent and poise. I did enjoy the world-building and the establishment of this new fantasy world. There is magic, dragons, knights, a handsome prince, but it does not play out in the usual fairy tale way. There are several surprises along the way.

You truly feel the tragedy and loss of Thessa’s story as it unfolds on the pages. CS Johnson really takes time with her characters and you can tell it is the same with Thessa. I do wish we had learned a bit more about Ceru, but I have a feeling there is more to come when it comes to his story.

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