Miriam Kruishoop Discusses Her New Short Film

Miriam Kruishoop drops by StudioJake to discuss her name short film ‘Estilo Americano’ about a Hispanic family who argue over their various political viewpoints.

Check out the interview below:

Miriam Kruishoop creates a powerful short film about a Latino family in Trump’s America. She deliberately moved away from Latino stereotypes which continue to be portrayed in entertainment and media and centered the story around an educated middle-class family. Each family member offers a different point of view and has their own unique experience of what it means to be Latino. It’s a film about identity, acceptance and belonging.

Estilo Americano tells the timely story of a Mexican-American family divided by politics. What starts as a festive family gathering turns into an explosive showdown when siblings with opposing political views clash. As everyone struggles with their own deeply ingrained beliefs, some painful and shocking truths are revealed.

The short film will make its debut on October 19th, 2020 at the La Femme Film Festival and will be available at Los Cortos, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Hispanic filmmakers and content creators.

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