‘Beckman’ Review- A Stunted B-Movie

Beckman‘ is directed by Gabriel Sabloff and released through PureFlix and Quality Flix. This action-thriller is a departure from their usual genre of faith-based films, dramas, and kids cartoons.

The hitman Aaron Beckman (David A.R. White) is taken in by the dying preacher Philip (Jeff Fahey) after a hit goes wrong. Beckman, seeking solace, becomes an apprentice of Philip. Soon after the reverend passes away, Beckman becomes the pastor of his Los Angeles church and adopts Philip’s niece Tabitha (Brighton Sharbino), who has escaped from a dangerous cult. A few years later, the cult leader Reese (William Baldwin) hires some of Beckman’s old colleagues to kidnap Tabitha. This forces Beckman to come out of retirement to save her, even if that means taking on his old organization in order to do it.

I did like the story in the movie. It is pretty basic: redeemed hitman has to get back into the game to save someone he loves. On that point, the movie does tell a decent story. Nothing wrong with a new take on an old trope, but the problem is this isn’t a new take. It borrows heavily from several different films to make its story come together. John Wick, Mandy, and Taken were all referenced heavily and obviously in this movie. There is a shadowy organization Beckman has to answer to and obey their rules. A radical cult hiding in the desert is preparing to do a ceremony that our protagonist must interrupt. Beckman’s daughter is taken… alive, albeit by a cult instead of the criminal underworld.

As for the acting, there is nothing grand, but all of the actors do a decent job with their roles and delivering their lines. There was only one time when I cringed at the acting, but outside of that, I thought it was satisfactory.

There is a spoiler here, so skip this paragraph if you do not want to read it. The main problem is that the movie gets in its own way. Since it is a Pureflix film, it wants to have a message of mercy and redemption for Beckman, however, when the moment comes for him to exact vengeance, he chooses mercy. However, he has been shooting, stabbing, and beating criminals to death from the moment his adopted daughter is kidnapped. It somewhat messes with the premise the film has already set up. It made the ending a bit wanting. Spoilers end.

The movie’s aesthetics are somewhat lacking, so it comes off more as a B-movie than a theatrical production. This is perfectly fine, but then at the climax, there is a scene with some pretty bad CGI. I wondered why most of the film was shot in locations, but this one scene needed that extra effect. I found it odd.

Bottom line, Beckman is a B-movie action thriller that has a decent story and satisfactory performances. However, it borrows heavily from other features and has a somewhat lackluster conclusion.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’ll always protect you.

Check out the trailer below:

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