Lessons On God, Faith, And The Bible From Charles Spurgeon

Alexander Melville/National Portrait Gallery/Wikimedia

Charles Spurgeon is one of the influential ministers who inspires many Christians across generations. He has become so iconic as a teacher and writer that he is known as the “Prince of Preachers” to some. His sermons, writings, and addresses are well remembered. Here are some words of wisdom from Charles Spurgeon:

“Settle the center, and the circumference is secure: peace with God is universal peace.”

“Always stand to it that your creed must bend to the Bible, and not the Bible to your creed, and dare to be a little inconsistent with yourselves, if need be, sooner than be inconsistent with God’s revealed truth.”

“Most of the objections against the articles of our holy faith are contemptible, yet none the less difficult to answer because contemptible, for an argument is not always apparently strong in proportion to its reasonableness.”

“Ask any man whether he is a Christian against his will, and he will tell you certainly not, for he loves the Lord, and delights in his law after the inward man. Thy people are not led unwillingly to thee in chains, O Jesus, but thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power. We willingly choose Christ, because he has from of old chosen us.”

“These men have such wonderful theories that it really seems surprising that they do not themselves make a few worlds, since they profess to have found out so many ways of making them.”

“Faith is both God’s gift and man’s act. The Lord is the author of our faith, but we ourselves believe.”

“God always loves his people; but his people do not always know it. Because of their sins, they do not always enjoy it.”

“Hope as much as ever a man can hope; for when your hope is in God you cannot hope too much.”

“In our Lord’s love we have the best motive for loyalty, the best reason for energy, and the best argument for perseverance.”

“Look you well to your integrity, and the Lord will look to your prosperity.”

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