‘By Night’s End’ Review- Home Invasion In This Indie Thriller

By Night’s End‘ is a horror-thriller about a home invasion gone wrong directed by Walker Whited who co-wrote it with Sean McCane. It is one of those hidden gem indie films released in time for Halloween.

Heather (Michelle Rose) and Mark (Kurt Yue) are a couple struggling financially and emotionally. She is a military veteran with PTSD and he was laid off recently and both are still reeling from the death of their daughter who was killed by a drunk driver. One night, a man named Parker (Carlos Aviles) breaks into their home searching for something and Heather kills him in self-defense. After some discussion, they decide to search for whatever he was looking for, hoping to find money. However, a man named Moody (Michael Aaron Milligan) arrives and lays a violent siege on the home, demanding they turn over whatever Parker hid. The couple fight to stay alive as the night grows longer.

These “confined” thrillers are where you can find some excellent chills and I can say with all confidence that this indie film had me hooked from beginning to end with its suspenseful nature. It genuinely keeps your attention as you watch this struggling couple navigate guns, knives, and even arrows as they go through their terrifying ordeal.

Now, there were a few moments that felt were glossed over. For instance, Mark tries to negotiate with Moody behind Heather’s back. Though Moody uses this to mock Mark later in front of Heather, there seem to be no consequences for these actions. It is just dropped and never mentioned again. This happens a couple of times in the film, but they were small plot points, so nothing major was missed.

When a film has a smaller cast, you are rolling the dice because the plot is driven by their performance. In this case, it definitely paid off. Michelle Rose, Kurt Yue, and Michael Aaron Milligan all put their best foot forward from the beginning to the climax.

As for the plot, it definitely plays into the fears that every married couple has about having their home’s safety violated in a truly frightening manner. I also appreciated that the movie did not overstay its welcome. It tells a suspenseful story and does not bog itself down in useless commentary and instead focuses on the story, which made you want to see how this couple will survive.

Bottom line, as I stated earlier, By Night’s End is a hidden indie gem that will keep you engaged in the plot from its opener to its shocking conclusion.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Disturbing sequences, Foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: Four years and sometimes I don’t feel like you know who I am.

Check out the trailer below:

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