#AmReading- True Believer By Jack Carr

True Believer” is the fictional sequel in the James Reece novel series by author Jack Carr. He continues the adventures right where he left off and the action does not let up.

From the official website:

When a bomb goes off during a holiday fair in London, the body count is horrific and the nation’s market goes into a tailspin. This, it turns out, is just the beginning of a series of coordinated and murderous attacks against the whole of the Western world. As the scope of the mayhem grows ever wider, pulling in country after country, the United States goes on the offensive. Who is pulling the strings? What is their motive? And most important of all, how can the attacks be stopped before bloodshed and economic freefall bring America and her allies to their knees?

There is just one man who stands a chance of answering these questions. Former Navy SEAL James Reece is the only and crucial connection to a shadowy former Iraqi commando who could provide leads the CIA desperately needs. Reece might be America’s last hope. Unfortunately, he is also America’s most-wanted domestic terrorist. To rein him in, a bargain is struck and Reece becomes the reluctant tool of the United States government, traveling the globe to target terrorist lead- ers and unraveling a geopolitical conspiracy involving a traitorous CIA officer and a sinister assassination plot with worldwide repercussions. There is always another true believer out there willing to kill for his cause. James Reece will be there to stop him.

A high-intensity roller-coaster ride, True Believer explodes with action and authenticity that cements Jack Carr as the new leader in political thrillers.

When it comes to stories of action, intrigue, and suspense, Jack Carr is the new big man on campus. Jack Reece travels from the ocean, to Africa, to the Middle East, Europe, and beyond on a quest that will have you up late turning page after page waiting to what is next. I do not want to say it is better than its predecessor, The Terminal List, because it builds off of it without any lingering doubts that this the next progression to the story.

Carr has built an incredibly interesting world of military espionage, where powerful players are weaving deceptions, but with Jack Reece and his allies on the case, they could solve it. Savage Son is the next sequence in the series and I cannot wait to pick it up.

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