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In a galaxy far, far away, before the sequel series, there was the comic books. Well, with one exception. Dark Horse Comics brought us into a future that might have been in the stories after the original Star Wars trilogy or how it could have turned out differently. In any case, I wanted to share my favorite comic book arcs.

Check out the video below:

Whether it be an alternate universe like Infinities, connected to the prequels like General Grievous, or a continuation of the original Star Wars, both Dark Horse (okay and Marvel Comics) continued the legacy of the galaxy far, far away. Whether Sith, Jedi, or Bounty Hunter, these are the adventures that could have made Disney move forward. Instead, they decided to go with fanfiction, Mary Sues, and poor writing coordination in order to appease social media snobs.

However, Star Wars can live on in the hearts and minds of the fan in the old Expanded Universe, what is now called “Legends.” The EU brought us some of our favorite characters and hopefully, they will not go out too soon.

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