Alita Army Victorious! ‘Alita: Battle Angel’ To Be Re-Released In Theaters

Earlier in October, the Alita Army, a group of fans who celebrate the underrated live-action manga adaption Alita: Battle Angel took to social media and unleashed the hashtag #ReReleaseAlita. It seems they were successful as Regal Theaters have announced a date.

With the lockdown slowing down major film releases such as ‘Black Widow’ and ‘No Time To Die,’ many theater chains have been releasing older movies as specials including The Empire Strikes Back or Akira in order to maintain audiences. This has been met with much fanfare, especially for fans who may have missed certain cinematic premiers.

The Alita Army wanted to see Alita: Battle Angel get the same treatment using a hashtag campaign while tagging theaters chains including Cinemark. Many folks, including yours truly, helped to get the word.

“I can get behind #RereleaseAlita, (Cinemark),” I tweeted. “The #AlitaArmy is one of the coolest fanbases.”

All of their work paid off as both Cinemark and Regal theater chains acknowledged the campaign. Regal responded with not only a “yes,” but also a clear date on when it will hit their chain.

Cinemark was not to be undone.

“Hey #AlitaArmy, we hear you LOUD and CLEAR,” Cinemark wrote on Twitter with Clapping hands emoji. “Stay tuned…more info coming soon.”

The science fiction film’s director Robert Rodriguez had a positive reaction to this news which was echoed by the Alita Army.

This is fantastic news, as I was a fan of the movie. I hope this will also stir interest in a sequel. Rodriguez and producer James Cameron have spoken that they hope to do a series of films based on the manga, but Disney’s acquisition of the production company 20th Century Fox has cast a shadow on that possibility.

However, Disney has been trying to off-board several companies and properties following a series of layoffs. Perhaps another company could scoop up the rights and allow Rodriguez and Cameron to continue the franchise. It is a possibility.

Here is a teaser for the film:

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