‘Batman: Three Jokers’ Book 1 Review

Ever since the DC Rebirth, fans have been anticipating “Batman: Three Jokers” a story written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jason Fabok. The origins of the story began when Batman merged himself with the alien super computer called the Mobius Chair. It is said it gives ll knowledge to its user, so when the Dark Knight asked, “What is the Joker’s real name?” Later, he revealed to Green Lantern that the Mobius Chair replied, “There are three Jokers.”

Batman and Batgirl team-up with Red Hood after three different Joker crimes seem to happen at the same time. Batman seems to think that the Joker is using imposters to commit these crimes, but the issue is, they do not which one is the real Clown Prince of Crime. However, as the three heroes investigate a truck full of stolen Joker toxin, they soon find out the truth is far more frightening for Gotham City than they could imagine.

This series is meant to be a trilogy and it is off to an excellent start with a climax that left me wanting book 2. Geoff Johns certainly knows how to craft a Batman story, building the tension within the relationship of the Joker and the Dark Knight. It does some retconning of the Joker’s past crimes, but in a way that matches the story. Since it was released through their mature reading Black Label, I doubt it is canon.

I also enjoyed Jason Fabok’s artwork. Now, for the three Jokers, I do wish he had drawn them a bit more uniquely. I realize that they have to look similar enough where any person could be fooled, but still, except for their clothes they looked identical. When the Jokers were first announced, each one looked like a variant version through the years. Perhaps as the plot moves forward in the trilogy, it will become more recognizable. Now, that is not a criticism of Fabok’s art, he is very talented and this story shows it.

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