‘In Other Words’ Review- A Charming Rom-Com

Directed by Patrick Perez Vidauri who also co-produced it with screenwriter Cristina Nava, ‘In Other Words‘ is an independent romantic comedy from LuxIII Pictures.

True Andrews (Bryan McClure) has created “Compatible,” a dating app with his business partner Benny (Rishi Arya) and lawyer Kiki (Joe Nunez). Despite True’s fear of speaking to beautiful women and confined spaces, they get a sizeable investment from eccentric billionaire Maximillion Woods (Chris Kattan). During a night of celebrating at a San Diego bar, True gets connected through the app to the beautiful Angelica (Natasha Esca) but discovers she only speaks Spanish and he only speaks English. She texts him an address and on a whim, he drags Benny and Kiki across the border to La Paz, Mexico where they discover Angelica is an heiress to a wine vineyard which doubles as a bed and breakfast. They meet the vineyard manager Sabi (Enrique Castillo) and line cook Karina Salas (Edy Ganem). Karina agrees to tutor True in Spanish and secretly translate for him to Angelica. Through his dates with Angelica, True starts to doubt the purpose of his app, much to the chagrin of his partners.

I found this movie genuinely funny and charming. Especially since it was an indie feature, I felt the filmmakers definitely put their hearts into the story and moved it along at a steady and enjoyable pace. The script did a good job of balancing the heartfelt moments with the comedy, so it never felt forced. Do not get me wrong, it did have a few scenes that felt like they were too long, but this was balanced out with the overall fun quality of the plot.

Now, the music was a little cheesy in some scenes and I felt that it took you out of the moment. It would also start playing randomly and loudly, which was a bit jarring.

As for the acting, Bryan McClure and Edy Ganem had really good on-screen chemistry. I also thought Enrique Castillo and Natasha Esca had some really great moments in the film. I did feel a few characters were “throwaway,” having just one or two scenes and Chris Kattan’s character did get a little silly in some areas, but the actors all did a good job otherwise.

I appreciate the heart Patrick Perez Vidauri and Cristina Nava put into this movie. You can tell that they really cared about the story, making it a pleasant experience for the audience. I was unfamiliar with their work prior to seeing this film and I hope we see more from them in the future.

Bottom line, In Other Words is a good date night flick. It has some genuinely funny and romantic moments, making it perfect to grab a box or bag of popcorn and relax for an evening.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Mild foul language, Some innuendo, Crude humor

FAVORITE QUOTE: Cuanto más te enseño, más tonto me pongo. (The more I teach you, the dumber I get.)

Check out the trailer below:

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