‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ Review- Bland and Unpleasant

Released in select theaters and later to Netflix, ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things‘ is a psychological horror film written, directed, and produced by Charlie Kaufman. It was made by Likely Story productions.

Cindy (Jessie Buckley) is thinking of breaking up with her boyfriend Jake (Jesse Plemons), but he convinces her to visit his parents. After driving in the snow, they arrive at his family’s farm where Cindy mysteriously finds several animals have died. She then meets Jake’s parents Suzie (Toni Collette) and Dean (David Thewlis). The parents are incredibly awkward and giddy, making Cindy feel uncomfortable. As she explores the house, his parents never seem to quite be the same after each interaction. The whole time, Cindy waxes poetry and considers an odd photograph in the den that looks suspiciously like her. As the snowstorm increases and the visit grows longer, she begins to wonder if she will ever make it back home.

This movie was billed as some sort of “psychological horror.” That is some serious false advertising. It is not scary, there’s not one tense moment, nor is there one scene that invokes dread or impending doom. Yes, it was weird. Yes, it was unpleasant. Yes, it has some disturbing imagery, but not once did it terrify me in the least. Now, it was based on an Iain Reid novel, which I have not read, so I cannot compare it to that. Hopefully, it made more sense.

There were these long sections of the film where the characters would talk about philosophy and we learn that Cindy is a feminist, of course. She and Jake have these long, yawn-inducing discussions about time, relationships, and they quote a bunch of very interesting people in the least interesting wat as possible. Not once does the dialogue come off as clever. Instead, you find yourself checking your watch and wondering how much longer this will go on. It was the same with the imagery. At times, you felt that what you were seeing was supposed to be evocative, but it ultimately was not.

Adding to that are these weird vignette scenes where characters would do random things or discuss seemingly relevant topics, only to find later that they were completely irrelevant and bore absolutely no point on the plot. Following these exercises in boredom, the movie just kind of ends with this awkward musical number that bore no important to the plot previously.

Bottom line, I’m Thinking of Ending Things is a boring, bland, bleak, and unpleasant film that pretends that it has something to say, but says nothing in the process. There’s not a single moment of fear in this “psychological horror” film, leaving you feel like you wasted your time.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Disturbing images, Nudity

FAVORITE QUOTE: Life can be brutal on a farm.

Check out the trailer below:

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7 thoughts on “‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things’ Review- Bland and Unpleasant

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