Star Trek: Lower Decks Rant Part 1 | Comics, Cartoons, and Coffee

Fans, audiences, Trekkers, and Trekkies have been demanding Star Trek content. So Alex Kurtzman brings us a steaming pile of mess that is ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks.’

Check out the episode below:

I have never been shy about my thoughts on the Star Trek animated series. Here is a series of tweets with my running commentary:

Sooo… just watched ep5 of (Star Trek Lower Decks). Yeah, it’s still bad, (CBS). Not a single laugh. Is this really the direction (Star Trek) wants to go? I mean, I counted one slight smile. This show has been one epic letdown and we’re only HALF way through the first season.

I learned from episode 4 that the writing staff has never seen a single episode of (Star Trek). Seriously, I can’t believe that (Star Trek Lower Decks) got approved. It just keeps getting awful.

Ugh, another week another crappy episode of (Star Trek Lower Decks). While this one wasn’t as bad as the pilot or (episode 2), it still fails at every attempt at (comedy) or successful parody. Come on (CBS), you can do better.

Wow, (CBS), that 2nd episode of (Star Trek Lower Decks) was even worse. How did you let that get released? It’s no wonder no 1 wants to internationally release it. Bleh. Bring back (Star Trek).

Okay, (CBS), whoever came up w/the idea for (Star Trek Lower Decks) should be fired. Today. I smiled, not LOL, SMILED at exactly 1 joke.
(Star Trek), this doesn’t look good for (Star Trek). Hopefully, the staff behind that crap is not also working on (Strange New Worlds).

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