‘Black Hops: Hare Trigger’ Comic Book Review

Black Hops: Hare Trigger is created, drawn, and colored by Timothy Lim. It is written by Mark Pellegrini with additional coloring and art by Matthew Weldon and Nestor Redulla.

USA GI is called back into action to battle the terrorist organization Ningen led by femme fatale Hare Trigger, who has partnered with a former government scientist Apex Moth who is threatening to release more mutant animals onto the world if his demands are not met. After the CIA calls USA GI’s handler Penelope, he introduces her to Patriot-R, a mutant otter who still has feral tendencies and Rigor-Tortoise, who is not a mutant, but can be controlled by via microchip. They are sent to take out Apex Moth, but he is one step away.

Antarctic Press released this as a one-shot after a very successful crowdfunding campaign that I proudly supported. The team behind it took what they did excellently in the first and ramped it up to the next level. You’ve got a superpowered team of animals called Black Hops ready to battle evil with humor, but also a compelling story. Not to mention, the artwork I am very stoked about. It definitely had a manga influence that I thought did a good job of bringing out the characters. Timothy Lim made some memorable characters and I cannot wait to see what is next.

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