Music Review- MHA: Hero Too (Jonathan Young Cover)

In the fourth season of My Hero Academia, student Kyoka Jiro and the rest of the Class of 1-A put on a music concert for their fellow students where they sing “Hero Too.” Jonathan Young turns this pop song into a rock song.

At this point in the show, the heroes-in-training have been through the gauntlet. They have handled an invasion of villains at their training ground, some have been trained by top heroes, they’ve battled the Yakuza, and they have saved an island town from a gang. All the way, their classmates have been supporting them, so Class 1-A put their best foot forward for their school’s festival to show their appreciation.

Jonathan Young does a good job of not only transitioning the song from pop to rock but also capturing the celebratory nature of the “Hero Too.” Per the usual, he brings his unique talents into the song, not to change it, but to pay homage to it and I think it is a pretty cool cover. Any MHA fan could enjoy this sweet tune.

Check it out below:

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