Documentary Review- Tread

Tread‘ is one of those of unique documentaries that could be true crime or the tragic story of a man who is pushed too far. Director and writer Paul Solet tells the story of one man who was pushed to that breaking point.

The true story of wielder Marvin Heemeyer, who opened a muffler repair in a smalltown at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. At first, he and the community get along well and his shop becomes successful, allowing him to snowmobile as a hobby. However, over the course of ten years, the local government begins to hassle him over minor offenses, a small feud forms from this leading to larger and larger issues. Local city councilmen, businessmen, the bank, and even the town’s newspaper all seem to be conspiring against him. Soon, Marvin purchases a small bulldozer and the community barely takes notice. However, shortly after his father dies, the bulldozer bursts from his garage, retrofitted to become a tank where he goes on a rampage tearing the town to pieces leading to a standoff where he has all of the advantages.

Honestly, some of what happened to Marvin is the stuff that happens to folks across the United States every day. The local governments, states, and the feds constantly hassle normal citizens with ridiculous ordinances, laws, and fines. While I was not convinced that there was a wide-range conspiracy theory against Marvin, the city clearly hassled him for no reason other than to line the pockets of the “good ol’ boys” system.

That being said, it does not justify Marvin’s action. He endangered innocent lives and could have caused way more damage to folks who had nothing to do with the problems he was facing. They play recordings that Marvin left and he tries to use God to justify his actions. Yes, of course, every criminal who thinks they were wrong try to use the name of God, but in the end, but the truth is Marvin turned from victim to victimizer.

As for the documentary, it is well-done. I was impressed with how it told the story of Marvin and the community where the incident took place. It shows the events in chronological order through interviews, photographs, reenactments, and even video footage that crafts the story that not even the most imaginative writer in Hollywood could come up with. For that, the filmmakers deserve every accolade they will no doubt receive.

Check out the trailer below:

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