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Disney has a diverse array of properties that come up in casual conversation. However, you typically think about three things when you hear the word “Disney.” Mickey Mouse, bad mostly Star Wars films, and princesses. Sure, that last group is a great batch of films for parents and their daughters. What about sons who like animated features? Mickey Mouse has those covered as well. When it comes to traditionally drawn movies, here are Top 10 Disney Animated Films For Guys:

Check out the episode below:

10. The Black Cauldron

An obscure film, the story follows Taran and his friends as they journey to find the black cauldron before the Horned King can get his hands on it and use it to conquer the land of Prydain.

09. The Sword In The Stone

Legendary film composers Robert and Richard Sherman wrote the score for this adaption of the legend of King Arthur, who begins with some incredibly humble beginnings.

08. Oliver & Company

A tiny kitten named Oliver is adopted by a pack of dogs led by the adventurous terrier Dodger who help their owner get out from under the thumb of a vicious loan shark.

07. The Great Mouse Detective

Based on Sherlock Holmes, a mouse named Basil of Baker Street and his partner Dawson work to help a little girl whose father has been kidnapped by the criminal mastermind Professor Ratigan.

06. Hercules

Hercules is trained by Philoctetes to become a great hero to battle terrifying enemies like a hydra and Hades, Zeus’ bitter and jealous brother who plans on unleashing the Titans.

05. Treasure Planet

 Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island is given the science fiction treatment with Jim Hawkins joining a crew of treasure hunters who are led by the cyborg John Silver.

04. Robin Hood

In this take on Robin Hood, the title hero appears as an anthropomorphic fox who fights for the people of Sherwood Forest against Prince John and the sheriff Nottingham.

03. A Goofy Movie

After his son Max stages an impromptu concert at his high school, Goofy decides to take the teenager on a road trip… to go fishing. However, Max has told a girl he likes that he is going to a concert and will appear with her favorite singer. This is a fun coming-of-age story about one epic journey with father and son.

02. Tarzan

Raised by primates, Tarzan meets humans for the first time and his changes, but how will this affect his relationship with the jungle as he grows closer to Jane?

01. The Lion King

This is my personal favorite film from Walt Disney Feature Animation. With an ensemble cast, it tells the story of Simba whose throne is stolen by his Uncle Scar and he goes on the run, but destiny calls anyway.

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