‘Scoob’ Review- One Too Many Zoinks

Scoob‘ is a Warner Animation Group feature film based on one of Hanna-Barbera’s most iconic properties, known other than Scooby-Doo and the teenaged sleuths of Mystery, Inc. It is directed by Tony Cervone and features an all-star cast.

The film opens with how young Shaggy (Iain Armitage) meets a puppy whom he names Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker). They became best friends and vow to stick together. Fast forward, and a grown Shaggy (Will Forte) and Scooby work with Mystery Incorporated detectives Fred (Zac Efron), Velma (Gina Rodriguez), and Daphne (Amanda Seyfried). They are trying to get Simon Cowell (Simon Cowell) to invest in their company, but he refuses, citing Shaggy and Scooby’s behavior, forcing them to leave. The pair are attacked by menacing robots sent by Dick Dastardly (Jason Isaacs) but are saved by Dynomutt (Ken Jeong), the new Blue Falcon (Mark Wahlberg), and Dee Dee Skyes (Kiersey Clemons). Feeling guilty, the Mystery Inc. gang tries to figure out what happened to their friends as Dastardly plots to open a door to the underworld.

Animation-wise, this is top-notch stuff from Warner Bros. They do a good job of updating the designs of these iconic characters while also paying homage to the animation antics that made the Hanna-Barbera so much for fun. For instance, there is a scene where the gang meets Captain Caveman, voiced by Tracy Morgan, and he crashes into a wall, leaving behind the famous body-shaped impression.

As for the voice cast, wow. That was impressive. Every person did an amazing job with their character. Frank Welker is the only one to reprise their original role as Scooby, which gave it a lasting impression. Everyone else was new in the context of this film and you could tell they had a fun time performing their parts as it showed how great of a job they did.

The problem lies in the story. Supposedly, this film was going to jumpstart a “Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe,” so they had the Mystery Inc. sleuths team-up with Falcon Force to stop Dastardly. Nothing wrong with that, but this movie tries to do too much too quickly. Had it just been Scooby and the gang chasing after Dastardly, it might have been more cohesive. With so many characters and so many locations having easter eggs, including Simon Cowell for some reason, it felt a little too bloated.

That is not to say that it is bad. It is a fun movie that has lots of zaniness that you would find in a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, complete with those classic sound effects. Sure, it is a bit stuffed, but the kids will definitely have a good time and hopefully, you will have a good time watching it, even if the Ruth Bader Ginsburg reference makes you roll your eyes.

Bottom line, Scoob! is a fun, zany film that pays tribute to its source material. While an adult may find the comedy more nostalgic than humorous, the kids will enjoy watching Scooby and the gang have a good time.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Rude behavior, Cartoonish violence

FAVORITE QUOTE: I would’ve gotten away with it too if it hadn’t of been for those meddling miscreants!

Check out the trailer below:

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