‘Desperados’ Review- Boring And Gross

So, yeah, ‘Desperados‘ is a comedy film directed by LP, based on a screenplay by Ellen Rapoport. It was made by the production company Good Universe and distributed through Netflix.

Unemployed and desperate Wesley (Nasim Pedrad) is having a rough time. Her friend Brooke (Anna Camp) is reeling after discovering her husband is having an affair and her other friend Kaylie (Sarah Burns) is trying to get pregnant. After a disastrous blind date with a guy named Sean (Lamorne Morris), she meets Jared (Robbie Amell) with whom she decides to hide her “true self” to date. After their first romp, he ghosts her, prompting her and her friends to send a nasty email. Almost immediately, Jared calls her, informing her he was in a car accident in Mexico and now he’s in the hospital away from his phone and laptop. Wesley convinces her three friends to go to Mexico to break into Jared’s hotel room and delete the email before he can read it.

Where to begin? Oh, where, oh where do I begin to describe this movie? At times, I will watch a movie that is so bad, I hesitate to write a review because it might come off more like a rant. This was one of those movies. The directing, the plot, the dialogue, and most of the film is done in such a mediocre fashion.

Now, the acting was okay. Most of the actors just kind of worked with what they had. There is a cameo appearance by Heather Graham, a stellar actress, that was just used to shove in for no reason other than to, actually, I do not even know what the point was. That was the problem with the movie. I did not get the point.

Essentially, the movie is about a terrible woman, who has terrible friends. Their terribleness is wrapped in awkwardness, personal problems, and victimhood, sure, but it was not enough to make me like them. Instead of trying to develop these characters and give them substance, it replaces it with gross-out humor that was cringe-inducing instead of laugh-inducing. It was not just once or twice, they do this over and over again culminating in a scene where a dolphin humps the main character. Me too, anyone? The only character that had any meaningful depth was Lamone Morris’ character, who actually had an important backstory and was not a jerk.

There was also this bizarre subplot where Wesley drops her “toy” in front of a kid named Nolan, who immediately develops a crush on her. From there, she accidentally flashes him and he “accidentally” gropes her. His mother is clearly angry about this, but the movie chucks it up to a mom overreacting. I have a feeling that if the sexes were reversed, Wesley would be in jail and labeled a sex offender. Not so! She’s a chick helping out a kid, who is not even a teenager, have an experience. It was disgusting and not a bit funny.

Bottom line, Desperados is a boring and gross movie that does not even produce a chuckle or sympathetic smile. It is probably one of the worst films of the year and not worth wasting your time on.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Sexual content, Some violence, Drug/Alcohol abuse

FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m sorry I interrupted.

Check out the trailer below:

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