‘Black and White’ Volume 1 Graphic Novel Review

Comic book artist Art Thibert returns to his early roots with ‘Black & White‘ Volume 1. Thibert draws and co-writes the story with Taylor Grosso, bringing a nineties fan favorite back to life with not one, but two successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Reed Blackett is a former spy for MI-10 who now operates as a trader of fine commodities. He is in negotiations to work with heiress Whitney Sung of Sung Brothers Breweries, but the deal is stalled when an old enemy named JC arrives to take over the company with the robotic army he creates at Phoenix World Alliance. Whitney is put in a mental institution and grows angrier each day, desiring vengeance. Blackett breaks her out and agrees to train her on the condition she chooses justice over revenge, but Whitney’s explosive anger is a force to be reckoned with.

Black & White was originally published through Image Publishing’s imprint Extreme Comics in 1994. In this new rendition, Thibert and his team do an excellent job of recapturing that era of comic book talent. He put his best foot forward and brought a quality graphic novel that any fan should be happy to have in their collection. It pays tribute to the early stories with attention to detail and the sheer skill that is put into the writing and art.

I’m looking forward to the launch of part two and cannot wait to grab a copy of that issue.

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