Top 10 Best 90s Saturday Morning Cartoon Intros

Previously, I went on Twitter and asked my fellow 90s kids what their favorite Saturday morning cartoon theme songs were. I got some pretty cool responses with NickToons, Fox Kids, Kids WB, Disney, and so many others. From that list, mixed heavily with my own subjective opinion, Here Are My Top 10 Best 90s Saturday Morning Cartoon Intros:

10. Sailor Moon

For all of the crap DiC took for how they dubbed this iconic series, their music department deserves kudos for making such a catchy theme song. Sure, the Viz Media dub is way better, but you have to give props for the “fighting evil by the moonlight” aspect of the song.

09. Sonic The Hedgehog

Spin dash into fun! Sonic and the Freedom Fighters battle the evil Dr. Robotnik following a rock and roll intro with some pretty cool lyrics that show off the blue blur’s skills.

08. Spider-Man

This techno-rock theme song has a memorable beat that is juxtaposed with Spidey battling some of his most famous villains through the skyline of New York City.

07. Hey Arnold

Who doesn’t like a good NickToon? However, none captured the slick, smooth, but sometimes messy life of a kid like the Nickelodeon hit Hey Arnold! Likewise, the theme song is just as smooth as the show.

06. Darkwing Duck

“A Cloud of smoke and he appears, the master of surprise! Who’s that cunning mind behind the shadowy disguise?” Come on, who doesn’t love a good pastiche of Batman?

Honorable Mention: Arthur

“What a wonderful time today!” Arthur and his family get a warm welcome on the PBS channel where he and his friends go exploring into their imaginations and beyond.

05. Doug

The NickToons version, not the one later on a previously mentioned network. Doug was Jr. High student who avoided school bully Roger and crushed on his classmate Patty Mayonaise. The song illustrated Doug’s large imagination which included superheroes, treasure hunters, a hardboiled detective, and much more.

04. Dragon Ball Z

Goku and his fellow Z Fighters were busy battling aliens and terrifying robots, but this rock intro is the one many fans remember when the show was being dubbed by Funimation.

03. TaleSpin

This Disney intro pumped you up for all manner of adventure when it came to Baloo, Kit, and the rest of the Jungle Book gang, including famed Air pirate Captain Don Karnage.

02. X-Men

Professor X, Wolverine, Storm, and the rest of the iconic team of mutants battle villains like Magneto, Sauron, Apocalypse, and evil organizations bent on hurting humanity and mutant kind.

01. Batman: TAS

The show not only had iconic and legendary portrayals of Batman, The Joker, Batgirl, Two-Face, Robin, etc, but it also had the groundbreaking theme by Danny Elfman who also did the music for Tim Burton’s Batman.

If you’re curious about the original post and the replies, check it out below:

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