‘Lost Bullet’ Review- A French Racing Thriller

Lost Bullet‘ is a French action thriller that was released under the title ‘Balle perdue.’ It is co-written and directed by Guillaume Pierret. It was produced by Versus Production, Nolita TV, and Inoxy Films, though it received wide release through Netflix.

Lino (Alban Lenoir) is a convict who was busted for illegal street racing until Chavas (Ramzy Bedia) recruits him to be a mechanic on a special police squad to capture drug runners using race cars. He works on redesigning cars and develops feelings for squad member Julia (Stéfi Celma), whom he knew previously. However, during a bust, they are betrayed by officers Areski (Nicolas Duvauchelle) and Marco (Sébastien Lalanne) who murder Chavas and plan on framing Lino, who goes in search of a car that has a bullet lodged in it that could clear his name.

The action is the film is very well choreographed and has some superb cinematography by Morgan S. Dalibert. Those sequences were, by far, the best part of the movie. The final car chase scene, specifically, is very well shot and has lots of adrenaline-pumping stunts and thrills to keep you hooked to every turn. As I noted, the camera work for this sequence is done very well and improves the action.

I also thought the acting was decent. Lenoir does a good job of portraying Lino, though his motives are a bit unclear. It seems he is working with the police for redemption in one scene and then in the next, it is just to get out of prison early. It was a bit inconsistent, but I think that is more of a writing problem than his acting. Celma is good in the movie, but the plot does not give us a lot of time to get to know her other than to say her character once had a relationship with the protagonist and she’s a good driver. There should have been a bit more about her so you could connect with her a bit better.

However, like most European cinema, it lacks in the story department. At least in an action-film like Hobbs And Shaw, they give a reason for the character being so strong or just good at fighting. Not the case here. Lino is suddenly able to take on an entire police precinct, with barely a scratch, with no explanation. Why is Lino so powerful? Where did that skill come from? There are also several logic problems that travel along with the plot, which by the way, lacks any semblance of originality. It steals from every car-themed action thriller you could imagine and offers absolutely new to the genre.

Bottom line, while the movie has decent acting and has some cool action sequences, it lacks in the plot and originality. In a year or two, you will not even remember that you watched it.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Strong foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: Don’t get murdered tonight.

Check out the trailer below:

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