‘Seflie Dad’ Review- A Charming Christian Comedy

Selfie Dad‘ is a faith-based comedy written and directed by Brad J. Silverman. It was produced by Rapture Pictures with Kappa Studios and distributed by GVN Releasing.

Ben Marcus (Michael Jr.) is the editor for “Rosie’s Roses,” a reality show starring the arrogant host Rosie Puncher (Chonda Pierce) who almost always berates his work in front of his boss and show producer Steve (James Denton). He’s married to Kim (Charissa Saverio) and father to Jack (Jalon Christian) and Hannah (Hannah Marcus). Ben dreams of being a comedian like his own father but gave it up to be a family man. However, he finds himself absent at home while dodging his Christian co-worker Mickey (Johnny Pacar). However, after he hears from his son that online comedians make millions, he starts to film himself and post videos. This costs him his job, but he soon goes viral, gaining endorsements and winning awards. Despite his success, he finds himself drifting further from his family.

This is a charming, family-friendly movie. The dynamics of the plot were also nice and touches on modern problems that are facing families. I have seen Michael Jr.’s stand-up and he is very funny. That translates well onto the screen since the comedian is playing an on-screen version of himself. He delivered some hilarious one-liners, as did Chondra Pierce, who was hilarious. As for the rest of the cast, they do a decent job. They were not trying to make the movie something it was not.

Now, the movie does have some problems. At times, the material felt bland, lacking any sort of extra gravy. Also, I felt some of the subplots were just kind of pushed into the movie to reassure the target audience that it is a piece of Christian cinema.

That being said, it was an enjoyable movie that has a fantastic message of family, faith, and has some genuinely funny moments that will have you laugh at Michael Jr.’s comedic timing. There was one particular joke at the expense of Christian movies that gave me a chuckle.

Bottom line, Selfie Dad will get derided by mainstream critics, the social media snobs, and Christians who hate Christian cinema to look cool for their secular friends. However, do not listen to them. It’s a charming, funny movie that you can enjoy with your family.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Some thematic elements.

FAVORITE QUOTE: This is the first time, in like twenty years, that I get to do what I love.

Check out the trailer:

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