#Hypocralypse! Comic Pro Whisper Network EXPOSED

In a shocking expose from the persistent staff of Bleeding Fool, a group of female comic book pros has been revealed to be engaged in an “ongoing, coordinated effort” to take down men in the comic book industry.

Rumors of a private club of feminist comic book artists known as the Whisper Network have long been dismissed as a conspiracy theory since 2016. However, as 2020 approached, some of the members seemed to be more brazen in their attacks on their male colleagues. Whether unsubstantiated claims, criminal accusations, or just spreading gossip, this group has targeted indie creators like Alterna Comics or mainstream individuals like Scott Snyder.

Bleeding Fool writer Penny Parker infiltrated a secret Facebook Group named Comic Book Women which shows several key players, including Image Comics writer Alex De Campi and DC Comics writer Gail Simone, seemingly bullying their male colleagues over deals, collaborations, and various works.

Parker posts screenshots of a text messaging thread that De Campi shared between herself and writer Max Bemis in the group. In the messages, De Campi declares his behavior “incompatible” with “professional collaboration.” When Bemis says he feels “bullied” by De Campi she calls him an “emotional abuser.” When he says he is “legit confused” about the accusation and emphasizes that he wanted to apologize, she orders him not to contact her again.

This was only the icing on the cake. Bullying campaigns against Scott Snyder, novelist Cullen Bunn, and even targeting the entirety of Dynamite Entertainment with accusations of unpaid workers.

“In my opinion these will be the lines they’ll use to justify their lies, bullying, and collusion – but this is simply untrue,” writes Parker. “It may have been slightly more true in 2016 when the targets were almost exclusively on the ‘Right’, though I would argue few were ‘extreme’. But in 2020, the Whisper Network is regularly targeting Liberals. And why not? Since every conservative creator has been effectively soft-blacklisted from the industry thanks to their ongoing efforts. There is effectively no right leaning creator left remaining in the industry to attack”

She adds, “This is not over. I have a lot more evidence, and it continues to pour in from various sources. As you can see… there are still many more files to be opened.”

Parker promises more and encourages fans, nerds, geeks, and casual readers to use the hashtag #Hypocralypse to spread the word.

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