Comic Book Review- Robotech Remix Issue 4

Titan Comics brings us ‘Robotech Remix‘ issue four, which continues the new take on the science fiction franchise written by Brenden Fletcher with artwork by Elmer Damaso. In this new timeline, Dana Sterling traveled back in time to help with the Zentradi invasion, causing a butterfly effect and altering the timestream.

After recovering a wounded Rick Hunter, Karen Penn and Jack Baker rescue him from zombie Zentradi. When they bring him back, he attacks Dana, who reveals he’s not the “real” Rick, but one from another timeline. Captain Lisa Hayes is deployed to stop the zombie invasion and Dana is sent to battle them with the strange purple-haired agent observing from a distance. Also, where is Rick Hunter?

The Robotech franchise is one that is unique as it blends three different franchises to create a unique story-arc. With this comic book series, it really fleshes out the series and presents an alternative take that is fun to read and has all of the great characterizations, Veritech fighters, and battle sequences that you could want.

Fletcher is spot on with developing the plot and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you read about how your favorite characters handle a new environment. Likewise, Damaso continues to produce top-grade illustrations of the characters and the Veritech fighters. I especially liked the VF-1S rendering he does during the battle with the zombie Zentradi. Both writer and artist bring their A-game.

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