Documentary Review- The Rise of Jordan Peterson

The Rise of Jordan Peterson‘ is a 2019 documentary directed by Patricia Marcoccia which follows the clinical psychologist and professor Jordan Peterson, the writing of his books, his stand against proposed Canadian law Bill C-16, and subsequent rise to fame. It was produced by Holding Space Films and released by Gravitas Ventures.

The film starts with the release of Dr. Peterson’s first book Maps of Meaning but then takes a shift when he launches his YouTube channel and subsequently takes a stand against Bill C-16, a censorship bill that could potentially classify the failure to use preferred pronouns of transgender people as hate speech, violating tenets of free speech. The film also interviews many of his critics, including a few students who support the LGBTQ cause and a former who disowns Peterson after the Left’s backlash to his comments. It also interviews many of his fans who have come to admire his stance and react positive to his second book 12 Rules For Life.

The filmmakers do a good job of not choosing a side, but instead, highlight aspects of Dr. Peterson’s life and gives equal time to both his supporters and critics, which I found to be genuinely refreshing. It gave insight and understand to who Dr. Peterson is as a person and illuminates the mystique behind the man. Whether you love or hate Dr. Peterson, you cannot deny his remarkability.

Now, I will say that his critics do come off as incredibly childish. They are seen misquoting him, claiming his statements cause physical harm to them and often disrupt his speeches with airhorns, drums, or just white noise. When interviewed, many of them come off as incredibly immature with one expression outrage that the documentary does not highlight the imagined “damage” Dr. Peterson has done to the LGBTQ community.

One final note, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Peterson once and he signed my copy of 12 Rules For Life. I found him incredibly agreeable, friendly, and open to discussion. Certainly not the monster that the Left and their allies in the media have tried to portray him. That is where the documentary comes in, gathering evidence, speaking with Dr. Peterson himself, and getting to know the man behind his work.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong language, thematic elements

Check out the trailer below:

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