Comic Book Review- Robotech Remix Issue 3

From Titan Comics, Robotech Remix issue 3 continues the new timeline written by Brenden Fletcher with artwork from Elmer Damaso. It presents an alternate timeline where “Masters” character Dana Sterling travels back in time to help repel the Zentraedi invasion and ends up altering history where her parents did not marry, Roy Fokker is still alive, the Masters have yet to arrive, and Rick Hunter is missing.

Following issue 2, Karen Penn and Jack Baker find someone who they think is Rick Hunter piloting a mysterious Veritech fighter. They use it to escape from Zombie Zentraedi who are pulling themselves up from the ground. Miriya Parina encounters a mysterious purple-haired pilot who is on a secret mission. Meanwhile, Dana struggles with memories of her own timeline and longs to return there to be with the friends and family she knows.

Titan Comics does a good job reframing the Robotech universe with a new take on the characters and the direction that the television show took. The plot is very interesting and definitely shows the creative side to the Robotech story. Fletcher does a good job with the retelling and bringing out the characters in their new environment. Likewise, Damaso’s illustrations are excellent. I especially liked the designs he did for the Veritech fighters. That, along with the new character designs, are fantastic editions of everyone’s favorite Robotech characters.

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