Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: Between Twilight

From her album Artemis, Lindsey Stirling brings us another enchanting instrumental piece with “Between Twilight,” which illustrates her impressive ability to play the violin.

The music itself is a cascade of talent, somber in its melody, but it also tries to inspire the listener with some incredible instrument work from Stirling and the accompanying musicians. I felt at ease hearing the pleasant classical instruments melding with the pop music sounds that help provide the upbeat nature of the song.

As for the music video, Lindsey Stirling not only performs her iconic athletic dance, but she also co-directs and co-edits it with Wayne Mallett. No one can accuse her of just selecting a song from her label’s catalog and going with the flow, because she is heavily involved in all aspects of her music. You can certainly tell that also from the fantasy-theme that the music video features. With giant golden butterflies, enchanted forests, and a whole host of impressive scenery, it certainly compliments the incredible sounds of the music.

Check it out below:

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5 thoughts on “Music Review- Lindsey Stirling: Between Twilight

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