‘Kipo And The Age Of The Wonderbeasts’ Season 1

Kipo And The Age Of The Wonderbeasts‘ is an animated series produced by DreamWorks Animation, Studio Mir, and Netflix. It is based on the 2015 webcomic Kipo from Radford Sechrist, who also served as executive producer for all ten episodes of the show.

200 years after a cataclysmic event. most of humanity lives underground while strange and wild beasts, some sentient others not, roam on the surface. After her underground city is attacked, teenaged Kipo (Karen Fukuhara) is sent to the surface through a sewer system. Creatures led by the baboon Scarlemagne (Dan Stevens) are sent to kidnap her, but in the process of getting away, she adopts a blue pig Mandu (Dee Bradley Baker) and befriends two surface humans the jaded young girl named Wolf and the happy-go-lucky Benson (Coy Stewart) who travels with the mutant insect Dave (Deon Cole). They search for clues left by Kipo’s father Lio (Sterling K. Brown) to help her find where he and the other survivors settled. Along the way, they encounter lumberjack cats, exercise obsessed raccoons, DJ bees, mobster frogs, and giant rabbits as they travel.

Animaton-wise, this series is amazing. The visuals are stunning with the background and animal designs being its most impressive aspect. The way the creatures, especially the sentient ones, are brought to life shows a great deal of creativity and imagination. As for the characters, they are also well-made and their voice actors, especially Karen Fukuhara as Kipo, compliment their character perfectly.

As for the story, I did find it interesting, but the world-building was lacking a bit. We know that something happened to the Earth two-hundred prior, but we do not really know what. I thought they should have not mentioned it at all rather than dangle it in front of us. Now, the self-contained stories in each of the ten episodes were very entertaining and interesting. It was the ongoing arcs that I had a little bit of trouble understanding their significance.

This is a kids cartoon, so I doubt any viewers younger than a teen would realize the things I mentioned above. Parents should be aware that there is some violence, scary images, and some political correctness shoe-horned into it. Of course, one of the characters is gay. The new thing is making it a big deal. It has been a big deal in so many shows it is getting tiresome.

Outside of that, I found that the show was entertaining and has some very stunning visuals for animation, plus very well-written characters. It is creative, imaginative, and is a good time.

Check out the trailer below:

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