‘The Reliant’ Review- A Story Of Faith, Family, And Survival

‘The Reliant‘ is a faith-based survival film directed by Paul Munger based on a screenplay by writer and producer J.P. Johnston. It was made by Fervent House Media and released by Studio City Pictures.

During economic unrest, father Rick (Kevin Sorbo) and his wife Liz (Julia Denton) want to evacuate their children Jimmy (Blake Burt), Anna Lee (Marisa Lynae Hampton), Faith (Kiera Strauss), Eli (Tyler Sanders), Sophie (Mollee Gray), and her fiancee Adam (Josh Murray) out of town. However, their house is invaded by thugs led by Jack (Brian Bosworth) who blames Rick for the death of his daughter. The thugs rough up Adam and murder Rick, forcing the kids to hide in the woods where they must rely on the skills their father taught them and each other.

The movie is definitely relevant for this day and age. Its content speaks to the confusion, fear, and worry that is happening in the world today. As for the film, it is well shot and the plot moves along at a good pace. The opening sequence was particularly good as it set-up the dire circumstances that the family was drawn into.

I also liked the boldness of the movie. Instead of diving into political correctness like a lot of Hollywood features, it outright discusses faith in a positive light and is unafraid to go against the grain. At times, the faith dialogue did feel a bit forced, but they do a good job of connecting it. You can definitely tell the movie is a low-budget indie, but that works for it, making it easy to follow.

As for the acting,  the cast does a good job of showing the desperation they are in, especially as the children argue about how they should proceed. Kevin Sorbo and Julia Denton are excellent in the roles of the parents. Their veteran skills as actors are excellent in this film. Eric Roberts has a cameo as a shop owner who is getting vandalized that stands out as well.

Bottom line, The Reliant is a decent indie film that goes against the grain of what mainstream Hollywood is putting out these days. Its focus on family, faith, and survival in an uncertain world makes for an entertaining feature that you will not want to miss.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Thematic elements

FAVORITE QUOTE: We have prepared for this. We will survive.

Check out the trailer below:

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