‘Snow White with the Red Hair’ Season 2 Review

Snow White with the Red Hair’ had a final season in 2016 produced by Studio Bones with the English dub released in the United States by Funimation. The series is directed by Masahiro Andō and based on the  LaLa manga serial ‘Akagami no Shirayukihime.’

Prince Raji (Todd Haberkorn) of Tanbarun begins to feel guilty about how he treated Shirayuki (Brina Palencia) and is convinced by his assistant and his siblings to invite her to tour the royal castle as an apology. Second Prince Zen Wisteria (Josh Grelle) is hesitant, considering his romantic feelings for her, but his older brother and heir to the Clarines Throne Prince Izana (Eric Vale) convinces him to do so. Zen and Shirayuki part ways, but the prince sends his attendant Obi (Austin Tindle) with her to protect her. Raji is nervous and standoffish at first, but soon he and Shirayuki begin a dialogue where she forgives him. As the ball approaches, however, Shirayuki is kidnapped by a band of rebels who think they are rescuing her. Zen and his guards Kiki Seiran (Jamie Marchi) and Mitsuhide Lowen (Ian Sinclair) travels there only to discover it is not only rebels after her, but pirates who want to hold her for ransom.

I really enjoyed this season and how it builds off season one. It takes the new show to new heights with the plot and story. This one also had a lot more action especially with the kidnapping arc. It flowed very smoothly and I appreciated that the plot added the element of redemption for Prince Raji’s character.

The only thing I thought was lacking was the development of Izana. I wished that he had been given additional plot points. I could not tell if he was a hero and villain since the episodes would hint that he was nefarious and other times it would hint at his benevolence. Perhaps had the series been allowed to continue, this would have been a more featured plot development.

It is a shame that series did not get renewed for a third season. They did a get a job of rounding out the story-arc, but I was hoping that we could see Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship grow as well as Kiki and Mitsuhide. I know that Studio Bones did an OVA that takes place between the first and second season, so hopefully Funimation or Madman Entertainment (who licensed it in Australia) will develop it.

Here is the promo for season two:

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