‘Sherlock: A Case Of Evil’ Review- Not So Elementary

Sherlock: A Case Of Evil’ is a different take on the classic character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The TV movie was released in America on the USA Network and is currently owned by Multicom Entertainment Group.

A young consulting detective named Sherlock Holmes (James D’Arcy) is approached by a woman named Rebecca Doyle (Gabrielle Anwar) claiming to be blackmailed. Sherlock chases Professor Moriarty (Vincent D’Onofrio) through the streets of London only to shoot him, causing the villain to fall to the sewers. From this event, Mr. Holmes is propelled into the limelight and is later approached about a case involving the deaths of several opium den owners. Speaking with the coroner, Dr. Watson (Roger Morlidge), he learns that despite various wounds on the victims, they were all actually poisoned by a strange new drug that will soon plague all of London. While investigating, many clues lead them to wonder if Moriarty is still alive.

This movie is a very different Holmes. D’Arcy captures the arrogance of the consulting detective, but not his coldness. Granted, this is supposed to be a somewhat new origin for the character, but I found it slightly disappointing. Also, Holmes always avoided the limelight. In this movie, he relishes it and even gives interviews to local papers, something that he actively avoided while solving England’s greatest mysteries. He does meet Watson in a very different way than is usually portrayed, but that seemed to be more for expedience than anything. Now, that is not to criticize D’Arcy or Morlidge as Holmes and Watson. They both have good acting skills, but it felt like some heart was missing in the portrayals.

One thing I found incredibly off-putting was the sound quality. The mics regularly clip through dialogue, music, and background noise. It was distracting and it happens so often that sometimes you have to lean in to hear what the characters are saying over the clipping. Even for a TV movie at that time, it got to be annoying.

With that being said, I did enjoy the plot overall. I found it both intriguing and compelling, primarily thanks D’Onofrio as Moriarty as a rival to Holmes. He brings an edge to the character that makes him sinister and violent in ways that is unique to other portrayals.

Bottom line, Sherlock: A Case Of Evil is a different take on the character that you will either enjoy or not. Personally, I probably will not watch it again, but I would not be opposed to Vincent D’Onofrio returning as Professor Moriarty.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Drug abuse, Some sexual content

FAVORITE QUOTE: Holmes. With an ‘L.’

Check out the trailer below:

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