‘Batman and the Justice League Vol. 3’ Manga Review

Manga author and artist Shiori Teshirogi continues her ‘Batman and the Justice League‘ with the third volume. The monthly Japanese anthology “Red” published the series in conjunction with DC Comics.

After the battle with Orm, Rui discovers a dark secret. His beloved uncle Kihito is the “demon” Akurou who is controlling the power of the leylines. Batman and Superman battle Akurou to stop him from flooding Gotham City. After Green Lantern and Wonder Woman help free his mother Sayurisama from the Joker’s hold, Lex Luthor summons Cyborg Superman, Reverse Flash, and Sinestro with the promise they will receive this power as well. Sayurisama reveals Wayne Manor is built on one of these leylines and only Rui can close its power. As Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman protect Rui as he battles his uncle in the leylines, Luthor is gathering his forces to attack.

I like how the story is developing. I did feel that it spent too much time on Aquaman and Orm’s story, but after that clears up, the story moves forward focusing on Batman and Rui trying to stop the villains from seizing the power of the leylines. It is better by leaps and bounds than what DC Comics is putting out today, which is a shame.

As for the art design, she does a good job with both Green Lantern and Sinestro’s light constructs, giving them each excellent imaginations. I also like the design for the dimension where the leylines crossover. It is both beautiful and terrifying at times as Rui travels deeper inside. One of the coolest sequences in this volume is Green Lantern’s battle with Reverse Flash. She illustrated that fight extremely well.

My understanding is that this is the penultimate story, with the fourth volume concluding the adventure. I honestly cannot wait for the finale to see how Batman and the Justice League will battle Luthor and the rest of the Injustice League.

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