Musical Urban Legends You Probably Believe Volume 4

Urban Legends have been a part of our culture since the dawn of civilization. Thrice now, I have put a spotlight on some musical conspiracy theories that are fun to talk about over a beer with friends, but ultimately are untrue. Here is the fourth batch of five big-time bands that developed some interesting Musical Urban Legends You Probably Believe:

Revolution 9

This Beatles song is an experimental and avant-garde number that includes Yoko Ono’s voice reading bizarre lines for some reason. A line in the song, “Turn me on, dead man” is reportedly heard when played backward. This led to speculation that fueled the debunked “Paul is dead” conspiracy theory.

Stairway To Heaven

It has long been rumored that the Led Zeppelin hit song actually contained Satanic lyrics if you play it backward. Lead singer Robert Plant has always denied those rumors, insisting “who even has the time for that?”

Did Charles Manson audition for the Monkees?

Rumors circulated that before the release of the album Three Dog Night’s, notorious cult leader Charles Manson auditioned for the rock and roll band. This rumor is easily debunked since Manson was in prison (for crimes unrelated to his cultic behavior) during the time. Also, he was much older than the usual band members for the Monkees.

Was Marilyn Manson a recurring actor on a sitcom?

Similar to another rumor, it has been suggested that death metal singer Marilyn Manson played the role of Kevin on the hit ABC sitcom Mr. Belvedere. While the speculation is fun to think about it, the character is actually played by actor Rob Stone.

Is Andrew WK a fictional character?

The rock singer hit the music scene in the 90s and early 2000s. Without reason, he seemed to go on hiatus in 2007 after threatening messages from a man named Steev Mike appeared online. Mike also appeared in a photo of the UK magazine “Dazed and Confused” in an article with a photo of Andrew WK. This has led to speculation that Steev Mike created Andrew WK as a fictional character and others have played him. Rumors spread further in 2004 when audience members at a New Jersey concert claimed it was not Andrew WK singing on stage. A spokesperson denied the allegation at the time. While the rumor is false, it is worth noting that Steev is credited as an executive producer on the I Get Wet album.

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