Graphic Novel Review- X-Men Legacy: Collision

Marvel Comics has had some turbulent years in the various runs for their mutant team known as the X-Men. Comic book writer Mike Carey and artist Clay Mann team-up for X-Men Legacy: Collision, which sees the return of a newer team of villains.

Rogue and Magneto chaperone Indra, Anole, and Loa on a trip to visit Indra’s brother, who has suddenly fallen into a coma before his wedding in his home country of India. To his surprise, Indra is told by his father that he will be forced to take his brother’s place at the wedding. Meanwhile, the Children of the Vault are trying to power their hidden city, but one of their own escapes, forcing them to cross over to Earth and battle the X-Men.

I want to say, besides Rogue running around in the weird, touristy outfit she is wearing, I did like the character designs that Mann did for this series. They are all well-designed and Indra’s mutant armor, in particular, is well done. It looks really cool.

The story is not bad, but it is just kind of basic. It does not really stand out and comes across more as a teen action comedy than a story-arc from the X-Men since they used some of the young characters. It seems that Carey did not want to take any risks and just placed these characters in an exotic location so it seems different, which is not that they were visiting India, but it did not seem as special as the writer intended.

The Children of the Vault feel like a redux of the Inhumans, just even more isolationist and haughty. They do not really stand out as villains and I feel like they should have been replaced with a villain or group of villains that have a deeper connection to the X-Men. This era is done while Cyclops is leading the X-Men and Magneto is working with him. I’m not a fan of Magneto, who is a terrorist, just being forgiven and working with the X-Men. I find it incredibly bizarre, though Cyclops was not himself during this time.

As I stated before, Marvel Comics has experienced some turbulent years with the X-Men. They have been up and down, with some retcons and reboots on major characters. Not all of them have been good and it makes you wonder what the strategy is for the mutants.

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