Top 10 Best G Gundam Battles

Unlike other Gundam series, Mobile Fighter G Gundam had Martial Artists pilot the frames via skin-tight “flight suits” that mimic their fighting abilities. Every four years, the colonies would host a “Gundam Fight” to determine which nation would control Earth and their Space Colonies. In the 13th tournament, the five main protagonists are battling the Dark Gundam, who is infecting pilots with nanites, transforming them into zombie androids. This anime showed some incredible battle sequences between fighters of different styles. Here are my Top 10 Best Mobile Fight G Gundam Battles:

10. Maxter Gundam VS. Burning Gundam

Chibodee Crocket and Domon Kasshu meet in the finals for an epic battle where both Maxter Gundam and Burning Gundam have some new moves to show off.

09. Dragon Gundam VS. Mummy Gundam

When the Dark Gundam awakens the dead pilot of the Mummy Gundam, Sai Sai Ci must overcome his fear and use all of the power of his Dragon Gundam to stop him before the Mummy infects more pilots.

08. Shing Gundam VS. Walter Gundam

As Domon pilots the Burning Gundam into space to battle the Dark Gundam, he is intercepted by the Walter Gundam, which is piloted by former President of Earth Wong. With his core lander destroyed, there is only one chance to stop him.

07. Bolt Gundam VS. Dragon Gundam:

Domon is training, but his peace is interrupted when Dragon Gundam from Neo China challenges the Neo Russian Bolt Gundam to an epic battle.

06. Gundam Maxter VS. Jester Gundam

Neo Portugal pilot Romario Monini puts Neo America pilot Chibodee Crocket through some psychological torture upon hearing the American’s fear of clowns. However, Crocket’s pit crew inspire him by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” prompting him to snap out of it and defeat the sinister clown.

05. Shining Gundam VS. Neros Gundam

Neo Italy pilot Michelo Chariot battles Domon in his first battle on Earth. Chariot’s cocky and dismissive attitude is soon shown to be overblown as the power of Shining Gundam is revealed.

04. TAG-TEAM: Burning/Nobel Gundam VS. Ashura/Skull Gundam

Domon and his friend Allenby Beardsley from Neo Sweden are entered in a tag-team match between Neo Singapore’s Ashura Gundam and Neo Malaysia’s Skull Gundam. However, the current world leader and Neo Hong Kong PM Wong has rigged the ring with a strong gravitational field, putting the Burning Gundam and Nobel Gundam at a serious disadvantage.

03. Burning Gundam VS. Gundam Rose FINAL

George De Sand is forced to forfeit his fight with Domon because of the French President. As such, he challenges Domon to a private match where both of their power is revealed.

02. Burning Gundam VS. Dragon Gundam FINAL

Sai’s carefree attitude suddenly changes and he becomes a focused fighter. Domon contemplates the upcoming match since Sai is the first warrior to ever force a draw. To everyone’s surprise, Sai develops a technique that even Domon cannot counter.

01. Burning Gundam VS. Master Gundam

After his friends defeat the Dark Gundam’s minions, Domon braces himself for a battle with his former sensei Master Asia, who has turned evil. The two engage in a fierce match that has repercussions for the Earth and the colonies.

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