Comic Book Review- Batman: Last Knight On Earth Book Three

In the finale of Batman: Last Knight On Earth, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo bring their DC Comics Black Label trilogy to an epic conclusion as secrets are revealed about the Dark Knight.

After Book Two, It is revealed by Wonder Woman that Nightwing, Batgirl, and their daughter Bryce are still alive, living in the underground of Gotham. They are still reeling from a losing attack they performed against the villain Omega, who is thought to be a dark clone of the original Bruce Wayne, similar to the current Batman. After some debate, he convinces them to do one final assault on Omega’s headquarters. Little do they know, Omega is waiting in the wings for a showdown between the two Waynes.

This third entry swings left so hard it is stunning. In fact, it is the best one in the series. The first book was so underwhelming and the second one did not reveal enough, but fortunately, the finale wraps everything with a twist so unexpected, your jaw drops. Sometimes, these twists, especially in comics, can feel like a gimmick, but this one, without giving to much away, rescues the series. The only thing I did not care for is the headless Joker gets attached to a robotic body that Tim Drake built that has the Robin insignia. After this, the Clown Prince of Crime insists on being called “Robin.” I felt that this was incredibly dumb.

As for the artwork, Capullo is top-notch once again with his style, character designs, and deep tones. He perfectly compliments Snyder’s themes and story composition bringing back the dream team from the New 52.

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