Comic Book Review- Robotech Remix Issue 2

Written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Elmer Damaso, Titan Comics’ Robotech Remix continues the alternate timeline to the Harmony Gold canon with the second issue.

Dana Sterling is still trapped in the past where she altered history after traveling through time. Her father, SDF-1 Captain Max Sterling, mother Miriya Parina, and SDF-3 Captain Lisa Hayes are still at a loss over the disappearance of Rick Hunter. The Robotech Defense Force is growing suspicious that he might have something to do with the army of Bioroids that emerged from a dimensional rift in space. However, a group of teens inspecting a downed Zentradi mech make a startling discovery.

Continuing from the first issue, Fletcher goes from the assault to the aftermath of the Bioroid attack. I am curious about where the plot will take us next. It is clear that the plot is meant to “world-build” this pre-“Masters” storyline to show its divergence from the show’s canon. That is somewhat of a risky prospect, but so far, they are delivering. I do hope we will get see more battles in the future, especially after seeing the artwork of Damaso which is fantastic.

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7 thoughts on “Comic Book Review- Robotech Remix Issue 2

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