‘Black Clover’ Season 2 Review

The anime fantasy Black Clover returned for a second season with a bang. For background, the television show is based on the  “Burakku Kurōbā” manga by Yūki Tabata and published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump. It is produced in Japan by Pierrot studios and dubbed into English by Funimation.

When the season opens, the Clover Kingdom is being invaded by a neighboring nation. The magic knights manage to fight them off. Asta (Dallas Reid) has broken arms, but he still fights and helps defeat the enemy. His childhood friend and rival Yuno (Micah Solusod) masters wind magic with the help of Sylph (Tia Ballard), a spirit. When it is revealed his arms could be permanently paralyzed, his teammates on the Black Bulls traverse the Clover Kingdom looking for a cure, but it is Vanessa (Lydia Mackay) who goes into the Witches’ Forest. This takes Asta on a journey of self-discovery as he meets new friends, enemies, and battles the powerful Eye of the Midnight Sun Elf members who are weaving a dark conspiracy to not only take out the Clover Kingdom, but also all of humanity.

This season is way darker than the first one. While it does have some fun one-off episodes and some shorter quests that are meant to be moments of brevity and humor, the journey that both Asta and Yuno go on takes them down some violent and strange paths. It is difficult to compare it, but it definitely had deeper themes. The Eye of the Midnight Sun are not simply villains who want to steal or kill, they all have a dark reason for coming after the Clover Kingdom and humanity.

For the first season, I commented that Yuno is not given enough screen and they definitely made up for it. Yuno is given way more screen time, showing his rivalry with Asta with way more clarity. However, there is still WAY too much yelling. I get it, Asta is supposed to be excitable, but all the characters yelling gets old after awhile.

I do like the additional characters. There are several new protagonists and antagonists who take the spotlight. I do hope they slow down a little bit. It is becoming difficult to keep up with who is who and on what magic knight squad they are on. Fortunately, each of them is unique, so it is easy for the time being.

I want to repeat, the show is fantastic. The story-arc is interesting, the animation is solid, and the voice acting is spot on. Any person who is a fan of the fantasy genre would enjoy it a great deal.

Check out the DVD promo below:

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