Top 10 #AddOneWordToMakeAFilmMoreFun Tweets

For your latest journey down cinema lane, the hashtag #AddOneWordToMakeAFilmMoreFun was trending all over Twitter. Many users were sharing adding just a single word to a movie to make it “more fun” and it soon turned into pretty funny. In no particular order, here are Top 5 #AddOneWordToMakeAFilmMoreFun Tweets:

The always hilarious ProudTexan drives it in hard with, “Monty Python’s Life of Brian Williams”

Matt Flint comes in with, “Shhh IT”

Amie Ryan has “Rosemary’s Baby Yoda”

TV editor James Moriarty brings in a celebrity with, “Saving Private Ryan Reynolds”

Geek/Nerd Marvel pokes fun at the DCEU, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Musical”

Brenda Hill brings up something very scary, “The Shawshank Timeshare Redemption”

Albie Leigh takes us into the world of Middle Earth with, “Lord of the onion rings!”

Esther Bae gives us, “Chinatown restaurant”

The History of China Podcast goes for Batman with, “The Dark Knight Returns Videotapes”

Speculative fiction author Marina J. Lostetter reminds us that everything is better with the Muppets.

As a bonus, I have to throw in my own two cents.

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