Graphic Novel Review- Captain America: The Chosen

‘Rambo’ creator and First Blood novel writer David Morrell leaps from the pages of a fictional book into Marvel Comics, specifically, their non-canon Marvel Knights imprint with Captain America: The Chosen, drawn by renowned illustrator Mitch Breitweiser.

Corporal James Newman is fighting in the War in Afghanistan. His unit is cornered with enemy combatants surrounding them, but then, Newman sees someone, a legend. It is Captain America and together they fight back the enemy. After the battle, Newman is shocked to discover that Cap is not present, but communicating to him through a medical device. Captain America is dying, but he needs a successor. Could it be Newman and what would that mean for the United States?

This is by far one of the best Captain America stories that I have ever read. Morrell really captured the essence of the heroism and symbolism that Captain America has come to represent as an icon. The story, while seemingly tragic, is incredible and inspiring. Likewise, Breitweiser’s artwork perfectly complements the amazing tale that this miniseries presents.

It is a shame that Marvel Comics has gone the way of the woke. When this issue was published in 2007, they knew their audience and who to go to for a well-crafted narrative. Hopefully, they will return to those ways.

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7 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review- Captain America: The Chosen

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