‘Granblue Fantasy The Animation’ Season 1 Review

Based on the hit RPG video game series, Granblue Fantasy The Animation is anime adaption from A-1 Pictures. It features a wide range of fantasy elements and has a stellar cast of voice actors from Aniplex.

Gran (Kyle McCarley) and his flying lizard friend Vyrn (Kira Buckland) see a blue light falling from the sky in a forest close to their village. Upon inspection, they discover it is a young girl named Lyria (Sandy Fox) who has a mysterious pendant. Gran and Vyrn help her through the forest and are met by Katalina Alize (Erica Lindbeck), a soldier who rescued Lyria from the Erste Empire. After Gran is mortality wounded in a battle with some soldiers, Lyria reveals her power, summoning a great primal beast to help defeat the soldiers. She also unites her life-force with Gran to save him, allowing him to use her magical abilities. The three take off to find a safe place for Lyria and recruiting the pilot Rackam (Kyle Hebert) and the healer Io Euclase (Jackie Lastra) on their journey, fighting the Empire, bounty hunters, and magical beings along the way.

Since I am unfamiliar with the RPG, I am afraid I cannot compare it. That being said, I seriously enjoyed this series. While it is simple, the story was fun, engaging, and very entertaining.

The fantasy themes, cityscapes, and creature designs are very similar to Final Fantasy XV, especially the creature Leviathan, who appears in the finale of the show. However, the characters are wholly unique with a sense of purpose. Gran becomes the captain of the group and is following in his father’s footsteps to explore the sky and Lyria just wants to find a safe way home. Again, it is simple, but it makes for a fun adventure.

My one complaint about the show is that it introduces so many secondary characters, most likely from the video game. This did lead to a bit of confusion over who was who in the grand scheme of things, but the main characters kept the plot moving.

They also featured an OVA titled “Another Sky” which features the alternative playable character Djeeta as the main character and briefly retells the season one with her as the main character instead of Gran. This was a fun little nod to the fans of the video game.

Check out the promo below:

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