Comic Book Review- J.J. Abrams Spider-Man Part 1

In one of the most blatant and obvious acts of nepotism, Marvel Comics allowed The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams to co-write a Spider-Man miniseries with his son Henry Adams with art by Sara Pichelli.

A mysterious being called Cadaverous attacks New York City and, despite the best efforts of Spider-Man, Mary Jane is brutally murdered. Several years later, the son of Peter and Mary is getting into fights. His father, Peter, who is missing his left arm, is traveling as a reporter while Ben lives with Aunt May. Despite her warnings that Ben is changing, getting stronger, Peter refuses to stay in New York so Aunt May makes a decision that will change Ben’s life forever.

I will be honest, nepotism does not bother me that much. It just doesn’t and this is no different. That being said, I am glad this is a non-canonical and is part of a five-part Spidey miniseries.

Pichelli’s artwork is really standout. While I was not a fan of old man Peter’s design, I did appreciate the sleek way she designed the city and the rest of the characters.

J.J. Abrams and his son Henry wrote this story in the style of an Abrams film, lots of mystery boxes. Who is Cadaverous? Who is Ben? Why is Peter a deadbeat dad? I feel like this might be some sort of commentary on Abrams’ relationship with his son. So far, it is interesting and well-written and I’m looking forward to the second issue.

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