Scott Snyder Answers The Age Old Question: Can Batman Be Happy?

DC Comics

Chuck Dixon, Neil Adams, Denis O’Neil, Frank Miller, Paul Dini, and a host of writers have brought us some amazing Batman DC Comics mythos. Fans have debated the happiness factor when it comes to Bruce Wayne. Is he a person who experiences the simple joys of life as he pummels criminals in Gotham City.

Scott Snyder, who is currently working on Batman: Last Knight On Earth for DC Black Label, gave his thoughtful response on Twitter.

“I get asked sometimes if batman can ever be happy, and the strange thing is that for me, he is. At least with being batman. He created a family, but more than this he’s dedicated his life to something he believes in. It’s life lived in service of and sacrifice for an ideal,” he wrote. “His demons come from doubts about batman’s effectiveness, not doubts about his choice to be batman. Don’t get me wrong, there are opposing versions I love, some are actually favorites, but that’s the one I return to.”

I found this perspective very sobering. A lot of modern writers try to make Batman not just dark and brooding, but angsty and dreary with no sense of humor or brevity. Finding that balance is important in the main continuity because it makes the Dark Knight more relatable as a fictional character.

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