Documentary Review- Untouchable (2019 film)

Directed by Ursula Macfarlane, Untouchable is a Hulu documentary about former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at him by women in the entertainment industry.

The movie traces Bob and his brother Harvey Weinstein from their days as concert promoters to the founding of Miramax, Dimension Films, and later The Weinstein Company. The documentary interviews several insiders and accusers who create a pattern of alleged behavior of Weinstein bullying and intimidating women in catering to his perverted whims.

Ronan Farrow describes chasing the story down before finally publishing it in The New Yorker. You hear story after story of women whose stories go back as far as the 80s, but yet, all of the stories were regulated to the gossip and rumor section of the newspapers.

I found the documentary interesting and informative. It does a good job of interviewing the accusers and telling each of their stories. Each of their stories are harrowing, testifying how long the stories were kept out of the headlines. Every single woman in the documentary did a courageous thing by taking on Harvey Weinstein, who was so embedded in New York City, people called him the “Sheriff.” As the trial continues, let’s hope their stories are not told in vain.

My one issue with the documentary is it refuses to hold anyone accountable. After complaining about how no one reported on Weinstein, it praised the New York Times as one of the papers that ran with the story. However, where were they in the beginning when the stories were first coming out? Also, while the documentary gets a dig at feminists for allowing him in their inner circle, it does not hold any Hollywood hotshots for saying nothing while he was allegedly committing these crimes. Sure, a few photos were shone, but no one was called out. Where was Meryl Streep calling Weinstein “god?” Where were the pictures with him with Oprah?

That is the root of the problem. Sexual harassment in Hollywood from Roman Polanski to Jeffrey Jones to Bill Cosby were allowed to continue their behavior because no one was held responsible and the documentary dropping the ball on this was a bit of a disappointment.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language, Disturbing conversations, Sexual content

Check out the movie trailer:

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