The X-Men Belong On TV, Not The Big Screen

‘Hot New Hip Hop’ has an article with a rumor that Marvel Studios is developing a ‘Wolverine VS. Hulk’ film that will introduce Logan into the Marvel Cinematic Universe which could potentially lead to the X-Men being brought into the franchise.

The story goes that with Sony selfishly plucking Spider-Man from the MCU, the heads over at parent company Disney want to add more properties to their collections. Like any red-blooded nerd, I would totally freak out at the thought of Wolverine fighting the Hulk in an epic and glorious battle with super strength taking on unbreakable metal.

On the other hand, with the amount of characters it takes to make a solid X-Men film, I think that Marvel Studios should consider making the mutant team a television series within the MCU similar to Agents of SHIELD (well, the concept not the most recent quality).

Now some characters such as Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, and Bishop are interesting enough to carry their own films. However, a television series would better suit the heroics and villainy. Since the roster is so large, if one character had to leave the show, they could simply replace it with another. As for story-arcs, they could film it similar to The X-Files, which focuses on several smaller adversaries with the overarching themes of aliens. That would make an excellent format for a potential show.

As for the starting roster, it could begin with an identical one to the 90s animated series and move on from there as it would become necessary. I think this would be a recipe for a successful run.

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